About Trinity

Who We Are

Trinity is one of the largest independent and non-producing Third-Party Administration firms that focuses exclusively on qualified retirement plan administration.  The market place knows us for making complex retirement plans simple to understand and we have been doing just that since 2006.  Owners, Kevin A. Bergdorf and Anthony Warren started the company 13 years ago after realizing the need for a better client experience.  Today, the company has grown from a two man operation working out of a garage in Akron, Ohio to an accredited firm with over 50 employees.  Our geographical footprint continues to grow and today covers all of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  

Every day we strive to bring a fresh perspective to the market place.  We have the knowledge and expertise to look beyond a basic 401(k) plan to identify retirement plan opportunities that the Plan Sponsor and/or Financial Advisor never knew existed.  Trinity’s team of Retirement Plan Consultants, Relationship Managers, Administrators, and Actuaries examine each plan’s data to create a customized retirement plan that leverages the Plan Sponsor’s future financial potential. 

What We Do

Trinity is an industry leader in Cash Balance plans and has local Retirement Plan Consultants and Relationship Managers throughout the Midwest.  Trinity has $3 billion dollars in plan assets and our staff is highly credentialed through ASPAA.  Trinity's local consultants are qualified to do training for Financial Advisors and continuing education for CPAs.  They provide a number of services not only to the Financial Advisors they work with, but to their Clients as well.  

Trinity offers so much more than the precision of compliance testing and distribution processing. Designing a Retirement Plan to meet the goals and objectives of a Client is a complex undertaking, and they are here as a trusted partner.  The on-sight Actuarial team and highly credentialed Administrators makes for around the clock collaboration resulting in customized and superior service specific to the needs of each Client.